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Meet the Team

Garrett Lee, Executive Director 

Garrett began his employment with Covenant Living of Bixby in July of 2015 after serving for several years at a retirement community in Manhattan, KS. He, along with many of our current team members, opened our community in December of 2015.  He has worked in the healthcare industry for 11 years and has a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration. Garrett is also a Licensed Long-Term Care Administrator. Garrett is very passionate about delivering a superior level of customer service in everything we do, to everyone we serve.  He is responsive, knowledgeable and sincere in how he serves older adults. Garrett says, “The most rewarding metric in evaluating how we are doing are the meaningful relationships that are built in our community.” 

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Teri Melton, Director of Marketing 

Teri has worked in the Health Care Industry for 36 years, and has been at Covenant Living of Bixby since prior to the opening of the Community, playing an instrumental role in the startup of the Community.  Teri is extremely proud of the consistent full occupancy and waitlist that we have achieved at Covenant Living of Bixby – she says that it makes her job easier that the residents who live here love it! It gives Teri great pride to help older adults and their loved ones make the transition from their traditional houses to a retirement community go smoother and with minimal stress. Teri says, “I am passionate about working with older adults and I feel no day is complete unless I can help make someone smile.”

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Leo Boller, Plant Operations Manager 

Leo has worked in facilities management at Covenant Living of Bixby since 2016 and has 33 years of experience in the appliance repair industry. He is good at understanding how things work and understanding people, and he is most passionate about finding ways to meet the needs of the residents and staff. Leo enjoys spending time with the residents and teaching them how things work and fixing things for them. Leo says, “My education is like a hammer that inspires me to see ways to pound things into proper shape.”

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Diane Moore RN, Assisted Living Director 

With 39 years of nursing experience, Diane Moore has been at Covenant Living of Bixby since prior to its opening and played an instrumental role in the startup of the community. She is experienced in many different types of nursing, which has given her the ability to adapt to different environments and changes.  Diane is very passionate about the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the residents, and she prides herself on being a liaison between the residents and their doctors.  Diane says, “I believe that nursing is primarily common sense, I listen to and learn from the residents because they know their bodies better than anyone else.” 

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Jennifer Laub, Dining Services Director

Jennifer has a BA in Human Relations and has been working in the food service industry for 40 years. Professionally, Jennifer’s passion is to see people thrive and to bring joy and nourishment to residents as well as building a team that is compassionate, professional and strives to take ownership to grow their own career with pride and integrity. Jennifer believes that problems are not problems, but opportunities and that when an opportunity arises with our residents, the end goal is to take care of them and bring happiness. She started out as an executive chef, but Jennifer said “I wanted to do more than cook. So, I finished my degree at age 48 and became a mentor in my field. I enjoy being a director of dining in senior living.” 

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Tina Fullmer, Resident Engagement Coordinator 

Tina has worked in the Healthcare Industry for 13 years.  She previously served as an Activity Director in Long Term Care for 10 years.  She has been at Covenant Living of Bixby since prior to its opening and was instrumental in the startup operations.  Tina takes great pride in helping the residents with problem solving, memory exercises, crafts, cooking, games, shopping, and numerous other activities. Tina enjoys working with older adults and her joy-filled laugh is often heard echoing throughout our community. Tina says she “is inspired to build happy and healthy relationships and to provide opportunities for residents to engage in things that are fulfilling for them.”  

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Kelli Williams, Business Office Manager 

Kelli has worked in her field for 40 years and has been with CovenantLiving of Bixby since before it was opened, playing a key role in the start-up of our community.  She is educated in Business Administration and Human Resources and continued to grow and improve her skills in different fields, which allowed her to branch out in other areas like medical and benefits positions.  Kelli enjoys her job, serving from the heart, and knowing that she has made a difference. Kelli says, “Everyone needs a good education because it is your foundation that leads you to make better decisions and good choices in your life.” 

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